At AAP, being obsessed about poly means "wrapping" ourselves in the pursuit of challenging the status quo

Continuously Researching

Through our relationships with all the major resin producers, we are able to explore the most advanced raw materials on the market. Access to the highest quality materials of all classes allows us to continually enhance the products you already know and love, and break ground in new product areas and applications. We value the opportunity to provide you with options, so that you can always be able to leverage the capabilities of the latest available resin technologies. That way, we can not only meet but exceed your expectations with every order.

Always Developing

Our engineers are problem solvers, who innovate daily to take your product specifications and turn them into a real life solution. Once we know exactly what you need, we will approach the situation from every angle, to ensure we have arrived at the most effective and efficient solution for your application. With the continual advancement of resin capabilities, our development incentives are rapidly increasing! We will always go at great lengths to bring you a reliable product, and that will never change.

Poly Process

Meet your AAP team

Our Sales and Customer Service teams work with you to assess specifications based on your individual needs.

Engineering Review

Our AAP technical teams will evaluate your specifications to ensure product optimization.

Trial period

We work together though the layers of our trial protocol to ensure compatibility with your custom product.

Full production

Once you are fully satisfied, we ramp up to full production.

Inside The Lab

From the minute raw material enters our facility, our quality engineers work diligently to test for resin impurities, following our standardized quality checkpoints. Sourcing raw materials from trusted suppliers lowers the risk of contamination and prevents product impurities before they happen. Then, only the highest quality materials enter production.

Once your customized product comes off the line, it is examined for reliability. We make sure all finished products meet their specifications, so that they perform seamlessly across all of your planned applications.