Jack Klein


Our story

We began as a small family business. Just a handful of employees, one manufacturing site in New Jersey and a collective desire to make something great.

Since then, we’ve grown to become the largest, privately-held polyethylene extruder in the U.S. with over 400 employees, 3 manufacturing facilities and numerous distribution centers strategically placed across the country.

Throughout all aspects of our business, we view our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities as partners, following our pledge: For the Poly, by the People.

Our Mission

From All American Poly:

“Our responsibilities begin with the treatment of our people. We believe in creating an individualized customer experience–every relationship deserves exclusive and mindful attention.

It is in our beliefs to create a fair, safe, and collaborative environment for employees of our plant and corporate facilities. We believe in empowering every individual, to help them maximize their own potential, in management of their daily tasks and individual responsibilities and welcome and capitalize on the uniqueness in diverse talent and culture.

We believe in the freedom to voice concern, and function by fostering a strong, trustworthy community across all sectors.

We believe in the civil responsibility of protecting our earth. We will continue to mitigate waste in any fashion: time, energy, resources, and recycle all possible materials. We will continue to educate ourselves with the changing ecosystem and improve our processes to match its needs.

We believe in providing the highest quality product to our consumers. It is our responsibility to press on in pushing the limits of innovation, and work diligently to arrive at cost effective solutions. We believe that the success of tomorrow begins with the preparation of today.”

Who We Are Today

Every day, we channel over 40 years worth of knowledge and experience to provide innovative packaging solutions for our partners. And in an industry rife with bottlenecks and red tape, we’ve got none of it.
Instead, we take a personalized, hands-on approach to ensure unrivaled efficiency. We’re obsessive. We’re passionate.

Everything we do is guided by our mission to provide the most efficient, innovative solutions for your business, by developing vibrant partnerships, the impact of which is felt far beyond packaging alone.


Executive Vice president

I enjoy the opportunity to be a resource to our amazing team. My main focus is on the company’s vision and strategic plan to build on our growth over the past 4 decades, and to always improve the delivery of excellent service to our partners. The culture we celebrate in being your Poly People has kept our partners’ best interest at the center of everything we do, so that we can best serve all of your needs.


Executive Vice president

Everyday it is my goal to expand our reach in the breadth of businesses we serve nationwide, while helping our company grow on the foundation of teamwork. For over 25 years I have enjoyed fostering a community centered on leadership and personal accountability, which has allowed us to see great successes among our teams. The evolution of our processes over time has been truly outstanding in cultivating strong client relationships, fostered by consistency in high caliber products and integrity in our practices.