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Cost Efficient

High quality seals make our products virtually impenetrable, reducing the probability of damage. And you gain upwards of 30% per roll – each roll unwinds and functions right to the core.

Faster Wrapping

Increased machine throughput of up to 35%. Our performance technologies eliminate the need for an additional top sheet.

Flawless Performance

Precisely calibrated rolls allow for steady machinery feed, with 100% performance guaranteed. No need for multiple layers of product!

Shrink Bundling Film

Wrap bulk-packs and cases for stacking, shipping and shelving while protecting contents from breakage, theft, and tampering.


Extensive Sealing Range//Optimum Shrink Force//Form Fitting

Whether your shrink film is being run on a one or two roll system, Independence range of film sizes and densities ensures your merchandise is covered with a secure seal. Our latest performance materials have proven superior runnability on an array of equipment types, providing significant shrink force and excellent containment thanks to symmetrical and durable bullseyes.

  • Tray removal to pad
  • Excellent containment of unsupported packs
  • Down gauging
  • Compatibility across specialty machinery

We manufacture an array of ready-made sizes to fit all standard automated packaging equipment. We also offer enhancement capabilities for specialty machinery and custom models

Consistent product integrity has reduced our claims to 0%

Our shrink bundling technology reduces your energy consumption reducing temperatures downwards of 40° due to

Use less film per unit! Our films provide a nearly ⅓ increase in yield gains per roll due to the engineering of our cutting-edge formulations

Shrink Hooder Film

Shrink hooders use heat to shrink wrap your pallet, providing airtight protection and stability for shipping and storage. Protective properties make shrink hooder ideal for transporting fragile merchandise such as glass, insulation, tiles, textiles and paper.


Steady Feed//Compact Shrink//Rigid

Our Valiant® line is balanced for steady, consistent feed, heavy duty strength, and an even, all-around shrink. The film adapts seamlessly to the contours of your merchandise for a well secured pallet, ready to hit the road.



Airtight – A secure, water-resistant sealed cover locks out dust, moisture, and other damaging elements. This makes Valiant® the preferred method for wrapping sensitive products such as glass, tiles, insulation, textiles, and paper.

Adaptable -Valiant®’s even horizontal and vertical shrink creates a tightly packed pallet, regardless of size or height.


Sturdy – Stiffer properties than stretch hood or shrink film gives you both the strength and flexibility needed for a durable top seal and stability during storage and shipping.

Rigid – Our shrink hooder film holds goods securely in place, making All American Poly’s Valiant® the plastic of choice in the building supplies industry.

Our Valiant® line is balanced for steady, consistent feed, heavy duty strength, and an even, all-around shrink”

UP to 40 ODs available


Stretch Hooder Film

“The film that runs on autopilot:” An energy efficient wrapping solution that fits seamlessly over pallets


Advanced Stretch//Maximum Strength//Force on Load

Unite® stretch hooder film is a reliable option that replaces heat with high performance stretch to securely wrap products and pallets for transport, significantly reducing energy costs

Traditionally used for large bags & sacks, it has become an increasingly popular method for pallet wrapping. With a properly bundled package, you can transport anything, anywhere; glass, fine china, even hazardous materials.

Even under high speed conditions, our stretch film performs with consistency and reliability. And thanks to our lab’s rigorous quality control, you get precisely calibrated stretch film. The result? Neatly packaged, firmly secure bundles every time.

Elastic – Unite® stretches to maximum parameters and holds its integrity throughout the pre-stretching and packaging process

Adaptable – Our film consistently performs, even in extreme or varying climates

Stable – Imperishable in any element, including long-term outdoor storage

Consistent Performance – Flaws and variations between rolls can slow production and damage expensive equipment. Each layer of Unite® has been engineered with a specific and consistent function for utmost performance.

Balanced Tension – High runnability, stress resistance, and extraordinary strength.

Minimize Waste – Stretch hooder automatically measures each pallet as it enters the machine, dispensing the exact amount of film needed from a continuous roll.

All American Poly’s Unite® has been coined by one of the major OEMs as “the best stretch hooder in North America.”

UP to 40 ODs available

Customization Capabilities

Every production line is different. That’s why we formulate our performance products to precisely meet your needs.

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All film solutions originate with complimentary trial material, validated during on site assistance from our experienced field staff. We help you optimize performance and select equipment settings.